Variety Friends and Family,  

I recently completed my first year of service to the children of the Coachella Valley as the Executive Director of Variety and I am so proud of all that we have worked together to accomplish, even though COVID-19 threw us a curveball!  

I am inspired every day by the children, parents, and families I meet who are resilient, positive, and still smiling even though recent months have been particularly challenging.  

I am proud to be part of an organization whose Board of Directors has the courage and creativity to adapt and remain a part of the solution for the changing needs of children in need. 

I am grateful for our accomplishments in the past year and I’d like to share a few highlights: 

  • Presented 400 bikes and helmets to disadvantaged 4th-grade students and 12 tricycles and helmets to children with autism   
  • Provided 6 customized adaptive strollers and 16 specialized adaptive bicycles to children with special needs  
  • Provided 2 wheelchairs and essential medical equipment to children with disabilities  
  • Provided 3 vehicles to disadvantaged families in partnership with the National Auto Body Council  
  • Served 225 children through the Reading Program in partnership with elementary schools 
  • Since COVID-19 –  
    • Distributed 5,000 meals in partnership with the FIND Food Bank  
    • Distributed 275 reading book and activity bags to children  
    • Delivered 132 packages of sanitary wipes to special needs children  
    •   Provided 40 protective face shields to children with special needs by partnering with the Create Center for the Arts

And, this is just the beginning! Next month Variety’s Board of Directors will hold a strategic planning session to celebrate these achievements and identify opportunities to increase our impact by bridging services gaps of the vulnerable children of the Coachella Valley. 

We are creating intentional conversations to ensure we maintain a pulse on the changing and evolving needs of children throughout the phases of the health crisis, so we can be responsive.  

Recently, I shared about Variety’s pivot in service to the community and our optimism for the future of our programs and services in this featured article in the Desert Sun. 

I hope you will feel inspired by your role and connection to Variety as you read the article. I’m so glad we are partnering together to promote the best opportunities for the children in our community!   

In partnership,  
Heidi Maldoon