Caring Connections is an early childhood development resource center. Our goal is to help parents in the Coachella Valley identify and recognize early childhood development concerns and provides them with the appropriate resources that can help overcome challenges and set their children on a path to success.

We offer parents a quick screening process and your answers can help show your child’s strengths and what areas they need support in. We also provide tools, resources, and support. We will help you monitor development and help bridge communication between you and providers so you as a parent are in control and can help your child onward to a successful school career and future.

Early assessment and intervention helps parents:

  • Celebrate your child’s development
  • Talk about your child’s progress with the doctors and childcare providers
  • Learn what to expect next
  • identify any concerns early

Source: (CDC)

our Services

Including FREE Screenings from Birth to Age 5

Development Screening

At home, at our center or online.


For at – home learning.


Identifying community resources if needed.


Parent support groups & workshops.

Parent Support

One-on-one referrals & resources.

areas of development

areas of development

Early assessment shows a child’s strength and areas that may need support, and focuses on 6 important areas of child’s development. At Caring Connections we can help with assessment and the tools parents need to help their child.


gross motor skills

fine motor skills

problem solving

personal-social skills

social emotional



The Caring Connections assessment consists of a simple questionnaire and easy activities to do with your child. It can be completed at home or at one of our Coachella Valley screening centers. We also provide ongoing monitoring and support so you can help your child be successful in school and life.

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Contact Form

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Early help can keep your on track before kindergarten even starts. Children who receive help early are more likely to graduate from high school and reach their full potential.